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Antique Bronze Chainmail Coasters Pack of 2

Antique Bronze Chainmail Coasters Pack of 2

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Chainmail Coasters in Antique Bronze

Production time: 1 - 2 weeks


Handmade, chainmail weave coasters made using antique bronze jump rings with the durability of stainless steel with a bronze coating making them less heat conductive than plain stainless steel.

Comes in a two pack, measurements are as follows:

11cm X 11cm


This product is handmade to order therefore measurements may differ slightly.

Moonlight and Malice is a one-woman business from the UK. Designing and making chainmail pieces for everyday wear as well as special occasions. 


Care instructions:

Antique Bronze pieces are made using bronze plated jump rings. From my experience they are extremely durable, show no signs of discolouration when submerged in pure water and very hard to chip. That being said, as I say with all my pieces, it's still best to handle with care. 

Each piece is designed with movement in mind, and built using durable jump rings.

Chainmail is not meant to be pulled or stretched.

I recommend avoiding contact with any water (including body lotions, perfumes, deodorants, hairspray etc.) as this may cause tarnishing and discolouration of the colour.

Store alone in a box or soft cloth to avoid tangling.

Please handle with care and enjoy!



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